Curriculum Activities


The medium of instruction of this Institution is ENGLISH. Bengali and Hindi are taught as Second Language from Class I to XII. Third Language is compulsory from Class VI to VIII inclusive.

We offer Commerce and Humanities stream in the Plus Two department.

The pupils are prepared for the ICSE and ISC Examination, New Delhi.

In addition to the subjects prescribed in the Board and Council Syllabus, the Curriculum includes Religious Instruction (for Catholics) and Value Education (for Non-Catholics) as compulsory subjects.

Apart from these, the curriculum may include carol singing, dancing and games.


Co-curricular Activities are of paramount importance. Inter personal skills; confidence, poise and reliability are some of the qualities developed through co-curricular activities. Hence, such activities are an essential part of the school programme.

These activities include Debates, Elocution, Formulae Competition, One-Act Plays, Tables Competition, Quiz, Extempore, Talent Hunt, Flower Arrangements, Creative Writing, Rangoli designing competition, Fashion Designing Competition, Art and Craft, Singing, Dancing, Physical Training, Basket-Ball, Handwriting and Art Competitions.

These activities are held either House wise or Class wise. There are six Houses which have their own colour and names. Each House is headed by an elected Captain, Vice-Captain and a Prefect. We also have an elected Head Girl and a Vice-Head Girl and a nominated Games Captain and a Vice-Games Captain.

The democratic system draws out the best in the girls and trains them for leadership.

JPIC IX-XII (Non-Christians) Till she leaves school Development of personality
LTS IX-XII (Non-Christians) Till she leaves school To bring out the leadership quality
YCS IX-XII (Christians) Till she leaves school To grow in their Faith
CLC IX-XII (Christians) Till she leaves school To grow in Faith
VERNACULAR VI-VIII For one Academic Session To create and develop skills in the mother tongue
DRAMATICS VI-VIII For one Academic Session To be able to express themselves
QUIZ VI-VIII For one Academic Session To bring about an awareness in their surroundings
BOOK READING VI-VIII For one Academic To inculcate a love of
Session reading and learn to critically analyse
CREATIVE VI-VIII For one Academic Session To be aesthetically inclined

Students are taken on educational tours and excursions and it is expected that they be a part of it. Occasional ‘live – ins’ are arranged for when deemed appropriate.