From Principal's Desk

Loreto Elliot Road believes in a holistic approach to Education, which is a shared commitment between the dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents and esteemed alumni.

In the history of Loreto Elliot Road, We, the Loreto Elliot Road family, believe in empowering and recognising the individuality of each child by achieving a fusion of social, cultural, religious and ethnic bonding, to make it a “School with a Heart.” Many Principals have contributed to the growth of the school through the values of Integrity, Justice, Freedom and Love as essential to its educational thrust. I am proud to walk on their path to be a part of this Education system; and I am hopeful that I will work towards the visibility of the legacy of Loreto in the public domain and ensure its social standing with unique values.

We are on a project of forming our students to become competent, confident and committed. We focus on collaborative learning, positive relationships and building competencies amongst our students to shape their career and life-orientation. We nurture them to develop their life skills, knowledge and attitudes and help them to become leaders of tomorrow with dedication and hard work. The School has ample ways to assist the students for their intellectual growth.

The true purpose of education is to strengthen character in young generation which is the answer to any of the problems that we are facing today. May the true education carry the message of serenity, humility and human compassion, and thus wipe out the moral chaos prevailing in our society.

We are often told that the basic education starts at home and the parents are the first teachers of their children. So dear parents I welcome you to a partnership that aims at moulding our children in such a way that they become true global citizens of India in their thoughts and actions, Thank you for your constant support.

I wish God’s Blessing on each of the students of Loreto Day School Elliot Road, the teaching staff and the administrative staff in the days to come.

Our Foundress, Mary Ward says “Do Good and do it well” and “Half women are not for our times”. In keeping with that, I commit myself to groom our children to be rounded individuals with a strong sense of commitment and a spirit of service that will hold them in good stead at all times.

May God bless you.

Sr. Kaspar Clara