From the Principal's Desk

In this rapidly changing world taken over by technology and the modern means of social communication like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram it isn’t easy to find people today interested in reading from a at this moment have a copy in your hands and your eyes are reading my message. I am grateful to the Almighty for this opportunity to CONNECT with you.... be it members of the Loreto family, our Students – present and former, Staff, Parents or Well Wishers.

For us at Loreto, this has been a very special year as we began our celebration of Loreto's 175 years’ presence in South Asia in December 2016. Mrs.Keya A. Prabal, the former Principal began the celebrations of the Jubilee year with the Elliot Road family and I continued the legacy from April 2017 onwards when the new academic year began. One of the greatest gifts for me during this Jubilee year has been the CONNECTIONS made at different levels as we gathered to celebrate as Loreto. Hence, this year we did not have the traditional Annual Concert or an elaborate Sports Day Programme as we were part of the Grand Opening Ceremony and Loreto Day School, Elliot Road made a considerable contribution at the Closing Ceremony too, in terms of its participation in the choir at the Eucharist and a live band accompanying the Drill display. I would like to commend the Staff of Loreto -Elliot Road who helped me immensely in executing the Loreto Pan India Alumnae events towards the end of the Jubilee year….unfortunately we weren't able to CONNECT with our own former students. Through this Newsletter – Connections 2018, I make a very special appeal to the former students of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road to be active Alumnus of this great institution and to collaborate with us - the present Management, Staff and Students in as many ways you can - just connect with us in person or through the website

In keeping with my opening remarks about the influence of technology, I thank the staff of Franciscan Solutions for the regular update of the school website ......much more than what we can cover through an annual school newsletter can be found there.

The Vision at Loreto is to strive "To labour to extend His Glory. To live in an attitude of discernment seeking God's will in all. To make our own the values of His Kingdom: Love...Freedom...Sincerity...Justice and Joy". This clarion call of our Foundress, Venerable Mary Ward has found expression over the years in the school mottos -'School with a Heart', ‘We can and we will ' and in Connections 2015 – 16, 'Three key attributes of a student' were identified. For the year 2018, the school motto is from the current International Sustainable Development Goals – ‘Leave No One Behind’. Through the year, the Display Board outside the Principal’s Office has highlighted the way in which Loreto is moving forward in its response to the needs of our world today through five CALLS to action which challenge every Loreto member…be it Sister, Staff, Student, Collaborator through our Social Centres, to respond to those who are not yet within the Loreto fold – “Bring those forced to live in poverty to the centre of our lives and ministries”and "Go where the need is greatest" GC 2014,Calls 2 & 3.

A Loreto girl stands apart in society not only because of her academic excellence alone but she exhibits a heart – for others and a determination to make the world she lives in, a better place….thus every student is motivated to become ‘an engaged learner, a caring educator and a supportive partner’ as she moves beyond the portals of our school. I invite every student of the current academic year i.e. 2017 - 2018 , to preserve with care her school diary …the contents of which cannot be repeated on the newsletter, for you were part of a historic moment in the life of Loreto’s presence in south Asia

I take this opportunity to thank my Loreto family for the constant encouragement and interest in the development of the school. To my Staff …words are inadequate to express gratitude for the million ways you have cooperated with me in making learning relevant, interesting and fun at Loreto Day School, Elliot Road .Thank you parents and well wishers of the school for your whole hearted support and cooperation. I congratulate the Editorial team for their tireless efforts to capture in brief the spirit of the academic year 2018.

May we go forward in the firm assurance of the Almighty's presence with us. Our Venerable Mary Ward has assured us, "When I am in place I will help you".

God Bless.

Sr. Marilla Anne D’Souza